Welcome to the Sickesz Institute for Orthomanual therapy

In 1965 our beloved colleague Dr. Sickesz laid the foundation for Orthomanual therapy. She developed a unique method, to correct misalignments of the spine and the pelvis.

Orthomanual therapy is a profession which specialises in diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions which are due to misalignments of joints, particularly those of the spine and their effects on the functions of various corresponding areas of the body.

Your first appointment

The Orthomanual therapist will usually use his fingers to apply pressure on a misaligned bone to correct it. Sometimes, when more force is needed this may be applied by a hammer and a soft top punch. The adjustment is not always painless but certainly never excessively painful. Often, immediately after the adjustment, improvement is already noticeable.

In order to determine your specific problem, the Doctor will ask you various questions relating to your condition. Next, a thorough examination will be performed to determine which areasare affected and to what extend. Your specific condition may require us to have X-rays or bone density studies taken to assist us in developing the most effective care plan for you. Usually, you will be informed about this before your first visit. Prior to completing your visit, you will be given instructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home.